SPHERICAL OLIVES – Caviaroli Drops

SPHERICAL OLIVES - Caviaroli Drops

The first spherical olive, created jointly with Albert Adriá. The mythical elBulli dish now available to the gourmet public ready to eat.

It is a sphere (pearl) of about 20mm in diameter

Soft texture on the palate and a jelly that melts quickly after breaking, a very important factor in this type of product. The flavor is intense green olive with a touch of piparra. The consumption recommendation is to consume as an aperitif in a spoon, in a single bite and biting it with the mouth tightly closed, since when it bursts it releases its liquid content.

This explosion of flavor is very refreshing and surprising, since the appearance, smell and taste of the product make you believe that it is a normal olive but then its interior is liquid.

We recommend serving only directly from the jar or marinating in oil with cinnamon, star anise and an orange peel that will add a very special touch to the product and an even fresher and more fruity flavor.


The price does not include home delivery

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